ReSound One unboxing

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ReSound One Unboxing

The One is ReSound latest hearing aid with flagship technology. There are battery-powered and rechargeable versions. Below is an unboxing video of the rechargeable ReSound One hearing aids.

Unboxing details

The ReSound One are ReSound’s latest hearing aids and come in four performance levels. The rechargeable hearing aids use inductive charging, meaning that there are no charging contacts on the hearing aids or in the charger.

There are two types of receivers:
– the standard receiver
– the M&RIE receiver, which has an additional microphone built in to mimic an open ear canal.

Of course there is Bluetooth on Board to connect the hearing aids with smartphones. The ReSound Smart 3D app gives you control over the amplification and the hearing programs. Direct streaming of music and phone calls is also possible on iPhones and some Android phones. If your phone does not feature direct streaming you can use the ReSound Phone Clip as a connector.

And now?

We are going to feature a more in-depth review of the ReSound One soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

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