Audionexx K17 – Rechargeable CIC OTC Hearing Aid

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The Audionexx K-17 are rechargeable CIC hearing amplifiers. CIC stands for Completely In the Canal which means that the hearing devices sit deep in the ear and are barely noticeable. During the last months CIC hearing aids have gained popularity as they won’t fall off your ears when wearing a mask due to Corona.

First thing to recognize: the hearing amplifiers are really small. They fit really well in the ear canal and are comfortable to wear. Using the right dome doesn’t just make them comfortable, it also prevents feedback (the whistling you might hear when someone’s wearing hearing aids).

Second: they are rechargeable which makes them really easy to use! In the morning you take them off the charger and put them into your ears, and in the evening you place them in the charger again – that’s it.
What’s the biggest downside from CICs with battery? Exactly, the small battery. Even for professionals it’s hard to handle size 10 hearing aid batteries, which are most common in very small hearing aids. You won’t have that with the Audionexx K-17.

Third: they amplify speech and high notes, which makes them a good fit for high-frequency hearing loss.


Tech Specs and features

Small and easy are the premises of these hearing amplifiers.

Small design:
That’s what they absolutely have. The Audionexx K-17 sit pretty well in most ear canals. The devices come with different domes which give a deep and proper fit for most ears, so it is barely visible.

Easy to use:
Yes they are. Simply adjust the volume once with the complimentary adjusting tool and you’re ready to go. You have different hearing aids for right and left ear and can adjust them separately, so take care of that.
Charging is pretty intuitive. To charge them, turn the hearing aids off and place on the charger. A small magnet keeps the hearing aids in place. To use them just pull them off the charger, turn them on and put them in your ear.

What’s in the box?
The Audionexx K-17 come with:
– 1 charger
– 1 charging cable
– 2 hearing aids (one left, one right)
– 12 silicone ear domes (open + closed in 3 sizes)
– 1 multifunctional tool for volume adjustments and cleaning
– 1 user manual
– 1 year warranty

The Audionexx ID-1 Charge&Dry is a rechargeable digital OTC hearing aid in CIC (Completely-In-Canal) style.
Advanced digital sound processing improves speech understanding and helps its wearer to hear and understand better in many situations.
Innovative new silicone earpieces make them comfortable to wear and the small design makes them unnoticeable to other people.
The hearing device has four hearing programs, suitable for most mild to moderate hearing losses. The volume and hearing programs are adjusted with the button on the hearing aid.
The rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours with one charge.
The portable charging case has a built-in battery for three extra charges, and the built-in drying function cleans and dries the hearing aids while charging them. This benefits the wearer as she experiences hygienically clean hearing aids after each charge, and it expands the life span of the hearing aids.

Each box contains:

  • two fully digital rechargeable CIC hearing aids
  • a charging box with drying function
  • charging cable
  • 12 silicone ear domes
  • two spare ear wax filters
  • a multi-tool with brush
  • a manual