How to clean and dry your hearing aids in summer

How to Clean and Dry Your Hearing Aids in Summer

Working hearing aids are important, and in order to work properly they have to be clean and dry. That’s even more important during the summer months, because in the hot season your hearing aids are even more exposed to sweat and ear wax then in the rest of the year.

You can watch my cleaning and drying guide in this video:

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids should get cleaned regularly. Depending on the amount of ear wax you can do it once a month or once a week.

Take a clean cloth and wipe off the entire hearing aid. Then take a small brush or an old soft toothbrush and brush over the microphone parts, buttons, receiver and also the battery compartment. Next gently brush over the dome, clean it with alcohol or a Kleenex and stick a wire end through it. If needed you can change out the wax trap.

Drying Your Hearing Aids

Sweat can get into the openings of the hearing aids. In order for your hearing aids to work, the electronic parts must remain dry.

First, wipe off the hearing aid with a piece of kitchen roll.

Then remove the battery and place the hearing aid with a drying capsule in a dry box. This capsule contains silica beads that absorb the moisture from the hearing aid. Leave the hearing aid in the dry box for at least 4 hours.

Best way to dry your hearing aids is using an electric dry box, because it combines two important things: it dries better than the silica beads because it forces dry air through the hearing aids and it disinfects the hearing aids with UVC light.

Things to Avoid

Sometimes people try to dry their hearing aids using a hair dryer. This is a good way to damage your hearing aids so please don’t use a hair dryer for drying them!

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